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"Good coffee at home like at the bar"
The unmistakable aroma of Caffè Allenza can be enjoyed at the best bars ... but also at your home!

Coffee history

According to the legend it was in Ethiopia thousands of years ago, when the shepherds realized that their goats were always restless and they were awake until the night, found the coffee plant.

Those were the green berries they used to binge to cause insomnia and restlessness in the faded quadrupeds. Since then water under the bridges has passed and man has learned to delight with coffee preparing it in several ways.

Raise your hand who has never had an espresso at the bar or home-made coffee with moka or, to keep up to date with modern times, using modern machines and waffles. Sicily as we know the time of coffee is a must to enjoy alone or even better with friends.


And here, in the heart of the Sicani Mountains, at Mussomeli stands out for the roasting of Allenza, a brand that for fifty years has conquered more and more market slices so that it can also be present in London.

At the head of the family-run company we find Massimo Allenza, the next 50-year-old, and just fifty years ago as he came to the world, from the intuition of his father Giuseppe, now 80 years old, Caffè Allenza was born. My father created our brand right from the start, but at first he was helped by Zicaffè and he proposed both brands. It was faced with a choice, or producing in large quantities low quality coffee or otherwise, producing little but superior quality. He chose the second option.

For our mix, whose percentage of composition is a family secret, we only use superior quality equatorial coffee, the best. We are therefore present throughout Sicily both as a brand and third party: "Some roasters choose my product that maybe goes out to their brand".

"The Good Coffee
a casa
Like at the bar "